Madras 1965 & 1970


Film & video of Shivabalayogi in Madras, 1965 & 1970


Film taken in Madras (today’s Chennai), India, during some of the earliest meditation and bhajan programs conducted by Shivabalayogi. We can see Swamiji putting vibhuti (blessed ash) between devotees’ eyebrows (the third eye), blessing them in this way so they in turn could use the Yogi’s vibhuti to give his initiation to large crowds of people.

Shivabalayogi’s programs generally consisted of an hour of meditation followed by an hour of bhajans. He never gave any discourse. He taught in silence.

There are also scenes showing mass feeding. Shivabalayogi, like other great spiritual masters, places a great emphasis on the importance of feeding people prashad (blessed food).

The soundtrack is a bhajan, "Shiva Shiva Shankara" recorded in Adivarapupeta. It is a well known Telugu bhajan written for a movie about the life of a yogi.


Madras, 1970

Various programs were organized for Shivabalayogi in Madras over the period of December 10th to 15th of 1970.

The color film entitled, "Sri Sri Sri Balayogi Maharaj Camp at Hemamalini, No. 155, Lloyds Road, Madras 14", shows a robust and radiant Swamiji giving darshan at public programs. 

There is no soundtrack in the original films.  Music in these video clips is by Madhu Murthy.

The clip on the left is the first of three excerpts.  The complete film is part of the "Shivabalayogi Movie Collection" DVD video.





Shivabalayogi Pada Puja, Madras 1970

Pada puja means worship of the feet. The tradition is that the spiritual powers of an enlightened being flow from the head to the feet, so it is most auspicious to touch the feet of a Master.

Puja (worship) is an expression of devotion. It is the practice of love. The mystical core of each spiritual tradition is love.

Music by Madhu Murthy.







Shivabalayogi Darshan, Madras 1970

Shivabalayogi gives darshan at a public program in Madras.

Darshan refers to the blessings of being in a sacred presence. Just to be in Shivabalayogi's presence is a transforming experience.  By 1970, as this early color film shows, Shri Swamiji had a robust form.  The tradition is that a yogi carries the universe in his belly. Devotees say his body was muscular and firm.  He used to exercise daily and eat very little, but still his physical body took on such large proportions.

In this film (there is no original soundtrack), devotees are playing bhajans (spiritual song) and one can see other devotees in bhava samadhi, spiritual trance.