Shivabalayogi in Adivarapupeta 1963



Early Films of Shivabalayogi in Adivarapupeta, 1963

The earliest film we have was taken in Adivarapupeta in March of 1963, about a year and a half after Shivabalayogi completed twelve years of tapas and shortly before he left Adivarapupeta for the first time.

Adivarapupeta is a small village of mostly weavers in the rice paddy county of the east coast of south India. It is the birthplace of Shivabalayogi, and it is where he completed twelve years of meditation in the state of enlightenment.

The color films (two play buttons on the left) are remarkable not only because of the beautiful scenes of Shivabalayogi in samadhi and giving darshan, but also because they show how generously Shri Swamiji gives divine experiences - bhava samadhi (spiritual trance).

First film  (Part A).

The opening scenes show the place by the Godavari River canal where the fourteen-year-old yogi was initiated into tapas, then the small temple built where he sat in meditation for more than ten years until he emerged fully Self realized on August 7 of 1961.  Scenes show devotees in procession with the yogi and his mother through the village street. Many people are in divine trance (bhava samadhi), a transforming state of consciousness in which the mind is still and the body is moved by spiritual forces. It is a wonderful Divine play to witness and experience. The final shots are precious glimpses of the great yogi in samadhi, his body moving from powerful spiritual currents, then some shots with his eyes open and giving a powerful look (darshan) that can be felt even through this video. The bhajan "Sri Balayogisha" was recorded in Adivarapupeta in 1994.




Second film (Part B).

The film shows many of the powerful divine trances (bhava samadhi) evoked by the spiritual presence of Shivabalayogi, particularly during spiritual song (bhajans).  One can see men, women and children manifesting the presence of different gods: Shiva, Parvati, Hanuman, Ganga, Krishna, Nataraj, Naagaraj and others.  For example, we can see a man in Hanuman trance climbing trees effortlessly.

The bhajan "Shivayogideva ravela" ("Divine Shiva yogi come to me") was recorded in Adivarapupeta in 1994.






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