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Bhava Samadhi BannerghattaDivine Trance
in Other Spiritual Traditions

“The same things happened during the time of Christ.  Christ started teaching this type of meditation.  He also employed astral bodies to induce bhava samadhi during bhajans.”


I asked Swamiji whether all cultures have bhava, like Christians and in the West Indies.  Swamiji confirmed yes, and he told the following story.

“A judge was dictating his opinion in a case to his clerk.  While the clerk was typing, he got bhava, grabbed the judge by the collar, and somehow got across to the judge that he was making a bad decision.  The judge realized his mistake and was quiet.  However, there were several lawyers who saw the judge being roughed up and they were very angry at the clerk.”

“That night, the judge — he was a Muslim — came to Swamiji to confess his mistake.  The following day, the lawyers in the office insisted that the judge fire the clerk.  But then these lawyers got bhava themselves, so the judge told them that he would have to fire them all.  That night, the judge brought all the lawyers to meet Swamiji.” 

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