Jesus, Yogis & Spiritual Leaders



Jesus, Yogis & Spiritual Leaders

When Shivabalayogi was traveling in the West, he often engaged in conversations where devotees asked questions on a wide variety of subjects. This conversation in Las Vegas on April 16, 1991, was recorded on video and is a good example of what it was like when Shri Swamiji communicated in words. He was humorous, loving, direct and surprisingly uncompromising.  It is also typical in that Shri Swamiji often talked with Western devotees about the difference between God realized yogis who know from direct experience, and spiritual leaders who get their knowledge from books.

The subjects discussed on this occasion are particularly thought provoking: different meditation techniques, samadhi (enlightenment) and the process of tapas to attain Self realization, the Second Coming of Christ, how yogis work through numerous astral bodies, Jesus' tapas and his crucifixion, the pope as a spiritual leader, Native American yogis, religions' claims to be the only way, avatars, drugs and meditation, spiritual leaders and the business of religion.


Excerpts from "Jesus, Yogis & Spiritual Leaders" posted on YouTube at TheShivabalayogi channel:

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